672209130At this point I thought it well to wake up. Turning my head I yawned, opened my eyes and looked at her vaguely, seeing which her expression changed in a flash from that of brooding power to one of moved and anxious girlhood; in short, it became most sweetly feminine.This was what I saw: About ten paces from me was Savage with his arms outstretched and dancingyes, dancingfirst to the right and then to the left, with a kind of horrible grace and to the tune of a hideous hissing music. I held the lantern higher and perceived that beyond him, lifted eight or nine feet into the air, nearly to the roof of the tunnel in fact, was the head of the hugest snake of which I have ever heard. It was as broad as the bottom of a wheelbarrowwere it cut off I think it would fill a large wheelbarrowwhile the neck upon which it was supported was quite as thick as my middle, and the undulating body behind it, which stretched far away into the darkness, was the size of an eighteen-gallon cask and glittered green and grey, lined and splashed with silver and with gold.WM. LLOYD GARRISON BOSTON,E mostrava uma especie de brinquedo de Nuremberg, posto sobre uma collina. Esse brinquedo, com a sua architectura polychroma, parecia-se com o Parliament-House de Londres, como a cathedral de Montreal se parecia com S. Pedro de Roma. Mas pouco importava; era fora de duvida ser Ottawa.672209130
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