ayqAn' pray'd for grace wi' ruefu' face,Miss C. The inn was chock-full.他母亲发现,这时的艾伦发生了,从极度活泼,变得不爱交际了。在照片中,他那十岁的小脸庞,甚至还透着强烈的抑郁和孤僻。于是,她带着艾伦离开了圣伦纳兹,在法国西北部的布列塔尼度过暑假之后,他们来到了伦敦,她在那里自己教艾伦。在伦敦,艾伦总是喜欢拿一块磁铁,在下水道里找铁屑玩,这让艾赛尔很操心。1921年5月,朱利叶斯.图灵被提拔为马德拉斯政府发展部副部长,负责农业和商业。12月,他回到英国,全家一起去圣摩瑞兹过冬,艾伦在这里学会了滑雪。"The arrangement is altogether a most improvident one for society, whose interest it is to produce the greatest amount of wealth of the best qualities; while the existing system of distribution is not only to withdraw great numbers from producing to become distributers, but to add to the cost of the consumer all the expense of a most wasteful and extravagant distribution; the distribution costing to the consumer many times the price of the original cost of the wealth purchased.ayq
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