60sao“Yes, yes, I told her so; I told her that I wished for no barren cows in my kraal.”私はトントンの肩に寄りかかり、背中に手を当てて、彼女が私の黄金の花の義姉であることを夢見て、すぐに夢に入った、夢は黒い森、雪に覆われた**、そしてLi Dali Naweiでした激しいもの、その大きなスラップ。【“】Where did you get it? You had nothing, had you?【”】State of North Carolina, Lenoir County.—Whereas complaint hath been this day made to us, two of the justices of the peace for the said county, by William D. Cobb, of Jones County, that two negro-slaves belonging to him, named Ben (commonly known by the name of Ben Fox) and Rigdon, have absented themselves from their said master’s service, and are lurking about in the Counties of Lenoir and Jones, committing acts of felony; these are, in the name of the state, to command the said slaves forthwith to surrender themselves, and turn home to their said master. And we do hereby also require the sheriff of said County of Lenoir to make diligent search and pursuit after the above-mentioned slaves.... And we do hereby, by virtue of an act of assembly of this state concerning servants and slaves, intimate and declare, if the said slaves do not surrender themselves and return home to their master immediately after the publication of these presents, that any person may kill or destroy said slaves by such means as he or they think fit, without accusation or impeachment of any crime or offence for so doing, or without incurring any penalty or forfeiture thereby.60sao
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