bvul7The Wards were not the sort of people who dropped diamond rings in the street. Colonel Ward, ultimately kindly, was remote and gruff as God the Father. Mrs Ward believed in bringing up boys to be real men. Yet there was a twinkle in her eye and both boys became fond of 'Grannie'. In between lay Nanny Thompson, who ruled the nursery which was the boys' proper place, and the governess of the schoolroom. There were other children in the house, for the Wards had no fewer than four daughters of their own, as well as another boy boarder. Later they also took in the Turing boys' cousins, the three children of Major Kirwan. Alan was very fond of the Wards' second daughter Hazel, but hated the youngest Joan, who was intermediate in age between him and John.‘We must look to our honours,’ he exclaimed. ‘If Chrysanthus be exconsul, can you and I be satisfied with less than exPraetorian-Prefect? What will be the price, think you? Has Bessas hung out a tariff yet in the Forum?’[320] Herodot. ix, 16, 17. The last observation here quoted is striking and emphatic—?χθ?στη δ? ?δ?νη ?στ? τ?ν ?ν ?νθρ?ποισι α?τη, πολλ? φρον?οντα μηδεν?? κρατ?ειν. It will have to be more carefully considered at a later period of this history, when we come to touch upon the scientific life of the Greeks, and upon the philosophy of happiness and duty as conceived by Aristotle. If carried fully out, this position is the direct negative of what Aristotle lays down in his Ethics, as to the superior happiness of the β?ο? θεωρητικ??, or life of scientific observation and reflection.Not content with mere business success, she recently turned her talent to writing her first book, Adrien Arpel's Three-Week Crash Makeover/Shapeover Beauty Program (1977). It was on the New York Times' best-seller list for six months, and is still selling briskly in paperback. Miss Arpel received 5,000 from Pocket Books for the reprint rights — the most ever for a beauty book.bvul7
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