on the cry of school"What! preach, and kidnap men?‘I alone,’ she continued, in a voice not so subdued but that Heliodora could hear every word. ‘I alone can discover for you what you wish to know. Give yourself no more trouble in suing to a woman of whom you are weary—a woman evil and dangerous as a serpent. When you choose to seek me, dear lord, I will befriend you. Till that day, fare you well, and beware of other things than the silver-hilted dagger—which she would draw upon me did she dare. But she knows that I too have my little bosom friend—’ she touched her waist—‘though it does not glitter before every eye.’  “科學證明變美可以讓人更加自信。變漂亮不是為了狗屁的‘女為悅己者容’,而是對生活的壹種態度。像妳原來對自己那麽敷衍,別人也會敷衍妳。明白嗎?”湯傑森拍了拍手,“好了!”ough the whole subject, point by point; and the chapters now printed are the first rough drafts thrown down towards the foundation of that work. These chapters might not, when the work came to be completely written out and then re-written, according to the author's habit, have appeared in the present order; they might have been incorporated into different parts of the work. It has not been without hesitation that I have yielded to the urgent wish of the editor of this Review to give these chapters to the world; but I have complied with his request because, while they appear to me to possess great intrinsic value as well as special application to the problems now forcing themselves on public attention, they will not, I believe, detract even from the mere literary reputation of their author, but will rather form an example of the patient labor with which good work is done.on the cry of school
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