cf手游天羽Do you see now why you have to go to school five hours a day, and sit on a hard seat studying still harder lessons, when you would much rather sneak off and go in swimming? It is so that you may build up these thinking spots in your brains. … We begin young, while the brain is still growing. With years and years of work and study, we slowly form the thinking spots over our left ears, which we are to use the rest of our days. When we are grown up, we can no more form new thinking places. …  “我沒那麽閑。說點別人聽得懂的話,不然就出去。”Alm disso era solteiro, vivia modestamente, tendo por unico pessoal domestico o seu creado Frycollin, que alis n?o merecia estar ao servi?o de um homem t?o audacioso. Ha destas anomalias.If e'er ye want, or meet wi' scant,cf手游天羽
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