utf 8 w3school  有氣無力地擦幹手,往出走的時候沒註意踩到壹灘水,腳下壹滑差點摔倒。Horace White, who was himself present at the Chicago Convention, writes (in 1909) as follows:身体显然就是一个机器,它非常复杂,比人工制造的机器要复杂许多,但它毕竟还是机器。以前我们不知道它是怎么工作的,以为它就像蒸汽发动机。现在我们已经知道了,它确实是个气体发动机,就像摩托车、摩托船或飞机的发动机一样。e double reason that the co-operation of employment enables the work to distribute itself with some regard to the special capacities and qualifications of the worker, and also that every worker acquires greater skill and rapidity in one kind of work by confining himself to it. The arrangement, therefore, which is deemed indispensable to a just distribution would probably be a very considerable disadvantage in respect of production. But further, it is still a very imperfect standard of justice to demand the same amount of work from every one. People have unequal capacities of work, both mental and bodily, and what is a light task foutf 8 w3school
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