Royal russel schoolOf an overt act,1922年末,不知道是谁送给艾伦一本书,叫《儿童必读的自然奇迹》。他后来告诉母亲,这本书让他大开眼界,让他知道了世界上还存在一种知识,叫作科学。这本书,不仅让他认识到什么是生命,而且也改变了他的生命之路。如果说,有一样东西,曾经改变过图灵,那无疑就是这本来自美国人的书。He was there. He stood on the threshold of the inn, waiting for me, as it seemed, although it was not yet the hour of my appointment. As they drew me up to the door, I saw his tall, straight figure and his red hair by the light of the hall lamps. By Heaven, I felt as a lost child must on sight of his mother! I stretched out my hand to him, over the side of the wagon, murmuring, Ive lost it.RUPERT of Hentzau was dead! That was the thought which, among all our perplexities, came back to me, carrying with it a wonderful relief. To those who have not learnt in fighting against him the height of his audacity and the reach of his designs, it may well seem incredible that his death should breed comfort at a moment when the future was still so dark and uncertain. Yet to me it was so great a thing that I could hardly bring myself to the conviction that we had done with him. True, he was dead; but could he not strike a blow at us even from beyond the gulf?Royal russel school
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