Heavenly PhoenixAG store APP“Wery good,” replied Disco, “I’m agreeable.”and the sound of the evening gun-fire at Portsmouth seemed at once the embodiment and the premonition of England’s guilt and woe.After the election of November, 1860, events moved swiftly. On the 20th of December, comes the first act of the Civil War, the secession of South Carolina. The secession of Georgia had for a time been delayed by the influence of Alexander H. Stephens who, on the 14th of November, had made a great argument for the maintenance of the union. His chief local opponent at the time was Robert Toombs, the Southern leader who proposed in the near future to "call the roll-call of his slaves on Bunker Hill." Lincoln was still hopeful of saving to the cause of the union the Border States and the more conservative divisions of States, like North Carolina, which had supported the Whig party.“Why need we? It would only worry the dear woman unnecessarily. Whether I succeed or fail in this trial, it will be time enough to break the news to her afterward.Heavenly PhoenixAG store APP
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