bloomersOn Mary Tyler Moore's variety show: "That was a total mistake. They didn't know what they were doing there. I thought she was going to get the best writers and the best producers. But it was totally inadequate. I knew from the very first day that it wasn't going to work. … The whole concept was wrong. Variety isn't Mary's forte. You have to get yourself rolling around on the ground a little bit. She's such a nice, sweet girl that she doesn't come off as a clown."“Were you present when you heard all this, Marie?” I asked.He looked at her curiously, reflectively, for a 46long time, as if he beheld for the first time some rare and admirable thing. The man was not angered. He seemed not even annoyed by her threat. But after that period of disconcerting study he turned again to his desk.[17] Herodot. vii, 12. Κα? δ? κου ?ν τ? νυκτ? ε?δε ?ψιν τοι?νδε, ?? λ?γεται ?π? Περσ?ων.bloomers
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