fake school bus“Ha! they never see that,” said Harold; “the brutes may fight and kill, but they never enslave each other. It is the proud prerogative of man to do that.”End of the Project Gutenberg EBook of History of Greece, Volume 05 (of 12), byThus speaking he lowered his head and charged like a buffalo. Fair in the middle he caught that white man, causing him to double up, fly backwards and land with a most resounding splash in the deepest part of the muddy sluit. Here I may remark that, as his shins are the weakest, a Hottentots head is by far the hardest and most dangerous part of him. Indeed it seems to partake of the nature of a cannon ball, for, without more than temporary disturbance to its possessor, I have seen a half-loaded wagon go over one of them on a muddy road.surmise, the expedition on which my son has entered is not onefake school bus
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