cafumLi Tongtong٤ä؏դˤʤޤĸLi XiangziΤ褦ˡŮϴ󤭤ʲĿ򤷤ƤơLľߤ^ˤɢФƤޤŮΥݥȤϡŮӤϰk_WβwЈƤ餯ޤëΤʤ2ĤαǤ뤳ȤǤChilcombe Hall, where Lilias and Dulcie had[33] been boarders for the last two years, was an exceedingly nice school. It stood on a hill-side well raised above the river, and behind it there was a little wood where bulbs had been naturalized, and where, in their season, you might find clumps of pure white snowdrops, sheets of glorious daffodils, and later on lovely masses of the lily of the valley. In the garden all kinds of sweet things seemed to be blooming the whole year round. Golden aconite buds opened with the January term, and in a wild patch above the rockery the delicious heliotrope-scented Petasites fragrans blossomed to tempt the bees which an hour's sunshine would bring forth from the hives, scarlet Pyrus japanica was trained along the wall under the front windows, and early flowering cherry and almond blossoms made delicate pink patches of color long before leaves were showing on the trees.because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations fromThis was the first Ernest had heard about his going abroad, and he talked about my not being able to spare him for so long. I soon made this all right.cafum
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