wrgrs  许修诚挑了挑眉,“原来你并不在意,看来是我多想了。”Li Tongtongの成績は非常によく、クラスのボスであり、しっかりと玉座に座ります。2人目の子供は誰ですか。それは私です。私はいつもクラスの2番目でした。LiTongtongが私より多くを求めることができる方法はありません。It was indeed an urgent matter to send some news of their whereabouts to Cheverley Chase, where their absence must be causing much alarm. While the landlady, therefore, ordered the tea, Everard went out to the public telephone, asked for a trunk call, and rang up No. 169 Balderton. He could hear relief in the voice of old Winder, who answered the telephone. Everard was not anxious to enter into too many explanations, so he simply said that they had had a breakdown, told the name of the town and the hotel where they were staying, and suggested that Milner should come over next morning to the rescue. On hearing his Grandfather's voice, he promptly rang[29] off. To-morrow would be quite time enough, so he felt, for giving the history of their adventure. The unpleasant interview might just as well be deferred, and he had no wish to listen to explosions of anger over the telephone.wrgrs
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