hxqcAmong the sophists whom Isokratês severely criticizes, he evidently seems to include Plato, as may be seen by the contrast between δ?ξα and ?πιστ?μη, which he particularly notes, and which is so conspicuously set forth in the Platonic writings (Isokratês cont. Sophistas, Or. xiii, p. 293; also p. 295). We know also that Lysias called both Plato and ?schinês the disciple of Sokratês, by the name of sophists (Aristeidês, Orat. Platonic. xlvi, ?π?ρ τ?ν τεττ?ρων, p. 407, vol. ii, ed. Dindorf). Aristeidês remarks justly that the name sophist was a general name, including all the philosophers, teachers, and lettered men.Whose noblest monument shall be‘To Cumae?’ exclaimed Basil. ‘Ay, that I can! You are returning thither?’Be this as it may, Jack arrived at Fort Kamenistaquoia in due course, and kindly, but firmly, refused to take part with his sanguine friend, J Murray, who proposed—to use his own language—“the getting-up of a great joint-stock company, to buy up all the sawmills on the Ottawa!”hxqc
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