www58chatcom“Spring up, O well; sing ye unto it:Oh! what a waste is here. All these have had their day and yet they needon of abstract truth, become in various ways obscurely perceptible to men under the influence of a “divine madness,”—of an enthusiasm which is in fact inspiration. And further, giving, as he so often does, a half-fanciful expression to a substance of deep meaning,—Plato distinguishes four kinds of this enthusiasm. There is the prophet’s glow of revelation; and the prevailing prayer which averts the wrath of heaven; and that philosophy which enters, so to say, unawares into the poet through his art, and into the lover through his love. Each of these stimuli may so exalt the inward faculties as to make a man ενθεο? κυι εκφρον,—“bereft of reason but filled with divinity,”SEPTEMBER 【3】.www58chatcom
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