psv high schoolThe writer warmly expressed her dissent from this view, when another of the same circle added,Yes, it was Uncle Simon right enough, and Bobby, in all his life, had never received such a shock as that which came to him now with the full recognition of the fact. St. Paul's Cathedral turned into a gambling-shop, the Bishop of London dressed as a clown, would have been[Pg 109] nothing to this. He was horrified. He came to the swift conclusion that Uncle Simon had come to smash somehow, and gone mad. A vague idea flew through his mind that his respected relative was dressed like this as a disguise to avoid creditors, but he had sense enough not to ask questions.HפĤޤǡ񤤤򴽤ˤĤȥȥϚn]ޤ㤬ˤκäȤȥȥϤۤϢޤHϤαϤd^ζȤζȤŹäȥȥχI¤äI¤Ǥʤä“Do you desire to come?” I inquired.psv high school
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