gtasHouve algumas horas palpitantes, dolorosas mesmo. Comtudo, se a rarefac??o do ar n?o se tornou tal que f?sse preciso recorrer a apparelhos especiaes para renovar o oxygenio nos beliches, o frio comtudo foi excessivo.Let me be your Valentine!"The most complete illustration of Christs methods as a teacher is found in His training of the twelve first disciples. Upon these men were to rest weighty responsibilities. He had chosen them as men whom He could imbue with His Spirit, and who could be fitted to carry forward His work on earth when He should leave it. To them, above all others, He gave the advantage of His own companionship. Through personal association He impressed Himself upon these chosen co-laborers. The Life was manifested, says John the beloved, and we have seen it, and bear witness.[100]ȥȥϤɤʤäΤĤޤǤѥѤxνHҊƤޤ11rΕrƸB츸[ӵߤˤʤޤgtas
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