Gung PowAG store APPMr. Bowden, on being sent for to examine the will, found all in perfect order. The legacies to friends and to the other grandchildren were exactly the same as in the former will, the only difference being that the positions of the two cousins were reversed, Carmel receiving a handsome sum of money, and Everard inheriting the property. There was no doubt that the impetuous old squire had repented his hasty decision, but not liking to confess such weakness to the family lawyer, had drawn up his own will and hidden it in the secret drawer of his desk. Possibly he himself was not sure which of the two documents he wished to stand, and had kept this in reserve while he vacillated. Fate, for a year and a half, had decided in favor of Carmel, then the eternal balance had swung slowly back.【“】And he was within an ace of being betrothed to Natasha. Lord have mercy on us and preserve us!【”】第2章虐待私はそれについて考え、根本的な原因をすぐに見つけました。獣であるLi Daliは、妻のHu Jinhuaの灰を引き出し、黒い子を女の子の子供に渡しました。理由は何ですか?彼は超大きくて強力な横暴な2番目の子供がいないのですか?彼の次男が廃止されれば、この子供は間違いなく遊びを終えます。Gung PowAG store APP
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