tkdvj  总不能追上去把人揍一顿。1896年7月,复试的前7名被调到印度的马德拉斯省,朱利叶斯随之走马上任了。这个省覆盖了印度南方的大半疆域,朱利叶斯在此就任民政事务官。跟1792年罗伯特爵士离开时相比,此时的印度,一切都已经不同了。勇者不再有什么好运,能忍受40年酷暑的公务员才有好运。据当时的一位作家记载,这位民政官非常乐于与当地人交流感情。维多利亚改革,使印度社会逐渐现代化,大英帝国也开始受到真正的尊敬了。随着德国的溃败,休战期开始了。艾伦对拉丁文实在是一点兴趣也没有,所以在写作方面遇到了很大困难。他的手和脑似乎无法合作,写作就是跟笔做斗争,这持斗争持续了整整十年。在这期间,凡是他写的东西,要么就是打满了叉,要么就是把纸弄得奇脏。‘You ask me,’ he answered solemnly, after a pause, ‘what no man should ask even when he communes with his own soul in the stillness of night. The Gospel is preached to all; nowhere in the word of God are any forbidden to hear it, or, hearing, to accept its solace. Think not upon that dark mystery, which even to the understandings God has most enlightened shows but as a formless dread. The sinner shall not brood upon his sin, save to abhor it. Shall he who repents darken repentance with a questioning of God’s mercy? Then indeed were there no such thing as turning from wrong to righteousness.’tkdvj
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