Six AcrobatsAG store APPNot seldom, clad in radiant vest,On the 4th of March comes the second inaugural, in which Lincoln speaks almost in the language of a Hebrew prophet. The feeling is strong upon him that the clouds of war are about to roll away but he cannot free himself from the oppression that the burdens of the War have produced. The emphasis is placed on the all-important task of bringing the enmities to a close with the end of the actual fighting. He points out that responsibilities rest upon the North as well as upon the South and he invokes from those who under his leadership are bringing the contest to a triumphant close, their sympathy and their help for their fellow-men who have been overcome. The address is possibly the most impressive utterance ever made by a national leader and it is most characteristic of the fineness and largeness of nature of the man. I cite the closing paragraph:  不再废话,抱她进家!˽ֹޤꡢ^򤱤ޤȥȥϰ霤ëLˤʤӤޤȥȥ󡢺Τ}ʤΤ˽ϽǤ⼱ʳ¤򤷤ޤSix AcrobatsAG store APP
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