www44hhhcomThen seize their negroes by their throats,‘Sometimes she thought of games for us. One was called “Statues.” We each had to pose as a statue, suggestive of some subject, such as Melancholy, Joy, Fear, etc. Whilst she, personating a visitor to the sculpture studio, would try to upset our gravity by her amusing remarks on the statues.... She also invented a geography[165] game for us, providing us with skeleton maps, and small round counters, on which the names of towns were printed. As these were drawn and the name called out, we had to claim them and give them their places on the map. Whoever had a map filled in first was the winner.... Sometimes we read Shakespeare together, each of us taking a part....“Look here!” said Disco, in a deep, stern voice, as he pointed to an object on the ground not far from the hut.[411] Herodot. vii, 147. Schol. ad Aristophan. Equites, 262.www44hhhcom
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