eeusssChapter Nine.  冷不防,许晗烟噗哧地笑,把他给笑懵了。実はトントンでやったことは一度もありません。何度も開いてチャットをしているだけです。彼女には快適さは必要だと思いますが、私はそれについて何もできません。トントンは好きではありませんが、虐待は好きではありません。私は成熟した女性と他の人が好きな女性が好きですが、女性を虐待することはありません。私はLi Daliほど強くたたくことができません。肉体的な痛みで彼女を刺激することができ、彼女に近親相姦的な雰囲気を作ることはできません気持ちを見つける。トントンは安いかもしれませんが、彼女は間違いなく貧しいです。Until the year 1886 Miss Tucker apparently kept no regular written record of her daily work. But in the August of that year, doubtless from a sense that her[424] memory was becoming less trustworthy than of old, she started a Journal, which was kept up until within three weeks or so of her death. The Journal consists of 273 closely written foolscap pages; and, as Miss Wauton says, they ‘give us a glimpse of the earnest, unremitting toil of those seven years in the Batala Zenanas.’ The volume opens with a list of about 173 names of those whom she was then visiting; and this continued to be about the average number throughout the seven years; some Zenanas being from time to time closed, while new ones were opened. To quote again from Miss Wauton, whose long Indian and Missionary experience renders her judgment especially valuable:—eeusss
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