negroes  能不能你都已经叫了……The beaming smile on Teddy’s face showed that he was well pleased to be relieved from the responsibilities of office.The gains by the boys in blue at that time made a stir in the South and then it was that each man who could bear arms had to take part in the war.From the far end of the field Steve swung around and started back, straight for the grand stand. He had nearly reached it when he threw in the clutch that started the propellers and at the same time slightly elevated the front rudder. Up, like a bird taking wing, rose the aircraft, soaring above the grand stand and then describing a series 142of circles over the field. Gradually it ascended, as if the aviator was ascending an aërial spiral staircase, until he had mounted so far among the clouds that only a grayish speck was discernible.negroes
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