m4黑龙ome given society at that time; but neither on this point nor on any other has the law and custom of a given time and place a claim to be [136]stereotyped for ever. A proposed reform in laws or customs is not necessarily objectionable because its adoption would imply, not the adaptation of all human affairs to the existing idea of property, but the adaptation of existing ideas of property to the growth and improvement of human affairs. This is said without prejudice to the equitable claim of proprietors to be compensated by the state for such legal rights of a proprietary nature as they may be dispossessed of for the public adva私のお父さんは2つのドアパネルを取り外しました(ヒンジが付いた田舎のドア。持ち上げるのは簡単です。誰もが知っていると思います)。ドアパネルには2つのベッドキルトがあり、通常は豚を集めるトラクターの上に置かれています。トラクターそれでも臭い豚の排泄物でいっぱいでしたが、状況は危機的で、父とみんなが急いでLi DaliとTong Tongをトラクターに運びました。'Holy One, hast thou ever taken the Road alone?' Kim looked up sharply, like the Indian crows so busy about the fields."I'm still trying to get myself together," he says almost apologetically in his rich Southern drawl. "We just got back from a six-week tour in Europe. We played all over Scandinavia, Germany, Southern France.m4黑龙
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