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  许晗烟轻轻地‘嗯’了声,再看摆在面前桌上一口没动的咖啡,凝眉一思,主动问:“你要喝咖啡吗?”“You ought to know,” he wrote, “that your Aunt Alethea had given your mother and me to understand that it was her wish to make you her heir — in the event, of course, of your conducting yourself in such a manner as to give her confidence in you; as a matter of fact, however, she has left you nothing, and the whole of her property has gone to your godfather, Mr. Overton. Your mother and I are willing to hope that if she had lived longer you would yet have succeeded in winning her good opinion, but it is too late to think of this now.FivePiratesH5AG store APP
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