your“How much did he pay you for the work? continued Cumberford.【“】About the prince? H【’】m! Very well, I【’】ll tell you straight out. I【’】m going to question you in regard to the prince now.【”】Fifteen years followed of a hard and continuous struggle. As long after he said of himself, he ‘looked the world in the face’ in those days; and while a mere boy of fifteen or sixteen he set himself resolutely to get on. From the first he grappled with the Native languages, showing a vigour and persistency in the study which, many many years later, were visible again in his daughter Charlotte, when grappling with the very same task. Only he was young; and she, when she followed his example, was well on in middle life.【“】Prince,【”】 I said, angered by his insolence, 【“】you hate us all, including me, and you【’】re revenging yourself on me for everyone and everything. It all comes from your petty vanity. You【’】re spiteful, and petty in your spite. We have enraged you, and perhaps what you are most angry about is that evening. Of course, there【’】s no way in which you could pay me out more effectually than by this absolute contempt. You throw off the most ordinary, universally obligatory civility which we all owe to one another. You want to show me clearly that you don【’】t even deign to consider decency before me, so openly and unexpectedly throwing off your filthy mask before me, and exhibiting yourself in such moral cynicism . . . 【”】your
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