himymgrace. In happy schoolboys he revels; plum-pudding and holidays his needle has engraved over and over again; there is a design in one of the comic almanacs of some young gentlemen who are employed in administering to a schoolfellow the correction of the pump, which is as graceful and elegant as a drawing of Stothard. Dull books about children George Cruikshank makes bright with illustrations—there is one published by the

  再一想,她们确实是母女,这么叫没毛病,于是脸上的诧异很快被理所应当取代,鼻音里发出个思量过后不添加任何杂质的:“嗯。”Ernest was amused at her strong family likeness to her father — a likeness which had grown upon her as she had become older, and which extended even to voice and manner of speaking. He remembered how he had heard me describe the game of chess I had played with the Doctor in days gone by, and with his mind’s ear seemed to hear Miss Skinner saying, as though it were an epitaph:himym
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