1024in the water-bed. I ran along the bank some way up the ravine, in the vainLastly Hans, who seemed very bored with the whole affair, swore, also repeating the words after me and finishing on his own account with “so help me the reverend Predikant, the Baas’s father,” a form that he utterly declined to vary although it involved more explanations. When pressed, indeed, he showed considerable ingenuity by pointing out to the priests that to his mind my poor father stood in exactly the same relation to the Power above us as their Oracle did to the Child. He offered generously, however, to throw in the spirits of his grandfather and grandmother and some extraordinary divinity they worshipped, I think it was a hare, as an additional guarantee of good faith. This proposal the priests accepted gravely, whereon Hans whispered into my ear in Dutch:“As for you I bid you Godspeed. Be bold but logical, speculative but cautious, daringly courageous, but properly circumspect withal,” etc., etc.Five minutes later Jack hailed Rollo, who obeyed the summons, and after a few words with his master, went off in the same direction as Ladoc. There seemed something mysterious in these movements. The mystery was deepened when Jack hailed Fran?ois Xavier, and sent him after the other two, and it culminated when Jack himself, after allowing five minutes more to elapse, sauntered away in the same direction with a stout cudgel under his arm. He was soon lost to view in the woods.1024
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