9c8986After his great sin, in the anguish of remorse and self-abhorrence he still turned to God as his best friend:These young lawyers (not yet leaders of the Bar) appear to have realised at once that the speech was to constitute the platform upon which the issues of the Presidential election were to be contested. Not being prophets, they were, of course, not in a position to know that the same statements were to represent the contentions of the North upon which the Civil War was fought out.different matter; but a mixed agricultural and manufacturing association of from two thousand to four thousand inhabitants under any tolerable circumstances of soil and climate would be easier to manage than many a joint stock company. The question to be considered is, whether this joint management is likely to be as efficient and successful as the managements of private industry by private capital. And this question has to be considered in a double aspect; the efficiency of the directing mind, or minds, and that of the simple workpeople. And in order to state this question in its simplest form, we will [98]suppose the form of S第一次世界大战,对图灵一家几乎没有什么影响。对于这一代人来说,世界给他们留下的遗产,似乎就是1917年的机械化屠杀,U型潜艇封锁,飞机地毯式轰炸,还有美俄革命爆发。但对于图灵一家,这些东西造成的唯一结果,就是图灵夫人一直留在英国。这一年5月,约翰被送到肯特郡的汤布里奇威尔斯附近的海兹赫斯特预科学校,于是只剩下艾伦陪伴在图灵夫人身边。她喜欢去教堂做礼拜,选了一个非常高的圣公会教堂,每个星期天都拉着艾伦去跟上帝交流。艾伦很讨厌教堂里的香,于是把它叫作「怪味教堂」。图灵夫人还要求艾伦学习水彩画,这是她的得意之技。她带着艾伦去看剧会,艾伦瞪着大眼睛,戴着水手帽,摆出一副古怪的表情,他喜欢看那些学艺术的女生。9c8986
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