344zzzEram proximamente duas horas, quando Robur tornou a apparecer. Acompanhava-o o seu contramestre, Tom Turner. N?o lhe disse mais do que tres palavras. Turner transmittiu-as aos dois ajudantes, postados nos compartimentos da frente e da retaguarda. A um signal, o timoneiro modificou a direc??o do Albatrós, desviando dois graus ao sudoéste. Ao mesmo tempo, Uncle Prudent e Phil Evans puderam notar que uma velocidade maior acabava de ser imprimida aos propulsores da aeronave.‘Her reticence regarding her own life and work was extreme. This much I remember from her occasional talks, incidentally dropped from her: that she was eight years old when she read Shakespeare; she was eleven when she began to compose; and at twenty-one she sent her first book to press.[117] She wrote to me once how much she exulted over her first printed composition....somewhat singular one. Wordsworth’s was an old family, and his connexions were some of them wealthy and well placed in the world; but the chances of his education had been such, that he could scarcely realize to himself any other than a democratic type of society. Scarcely once, he tells us, in his school days had he seen boy or man who claimed respect on the score of wealth and blood; and the manly atmosphere of Cambridge preserved even in her lowest days a societyIn confirmation of certain words above, spoken by herself, Mr. Clark observes: ‘As regards her religious views, she was sincerely attached to the Church of England, firmly believing that the teaching of the Church of England, as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer and in the Thirty-nine Articles, is in accordance with the Word of God.’ Another also, who knew her well, has said: ‘A warm Churchwoman, she would always be ready to see the best of those with whom she could not agree on many points.’ This undoubtedly was the case,—in practice, if not always in theory. She was, however, greatly opposed to Ritualism, and would be much distressed when she came across aught of the kind in her various visits to different places.344zzz
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