angel  “……妳怎麽回來了?”看到他的那壹瞬間江蘺以為自己還沒有睡醒。壹天來回四趟,這壹點都不像他的風格。lost wife, had found us as we lay dying of thirst."Gorgo. Don't talk of Dinon, your husband, like that, my dear girl, before the little boy. Look how he is staring at you! Never mind, Zopyrion, sweet child, she is not speaking about papa.Af-ter that the Lin-colns went to For-tress Mon-roe. There, though the Pres-i-dent was wea-ry and full of care, he spent hours with the sick and those in pain. He talked of the grand news, of the Un-ion saved by the brave “Boys in Blue,” and of their homes and dear ones they would soon see.angel
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